The BioINSouth project aims to support decision-makers to incorporate considerations of ecological limits into their regional bioeconomy strategies and roadmaps, when it comes to circular bio-based activities.


The project aims to develop guidelines and digital tools, considering the safe and sustainable by design (SSbD) assessment framework, to support the adoption of innovative methodologies to assess environmental impacts in multiple industrial bio-based systems, increasing regional competitiveness and innovation capacity, and contributing to the EU fair & green transition.

The specific objectives are :

  • To establish BioINSouth HUBs in each of project partners’ region;
  • To develop/improve existing methodologies and digital tools for the assessment of environmental impacts and circularity of bio-based systems;
  • To demonstrate methodologies and tools for the assessment of environmental impacts and circularity of bio-based systems;
  • The co-development of policy recommendations for sustainability and circularity in industrial bio-based system.

ASOI will be in charge to set up a HUB in Nouvelle Aquitaine, to collect data at regional HUBs level, to participate in the elobaration of the BioINSouth Network (including the organisation of networking events, exchange of good practices, ..), and then to gain comprehensive insights into the regional bioeconomy policies


  • 15 partners        
  • 8 regions           
  • 10 Countries



  • Workshops and Forums for exchange of best practices
  • Networking Events


Eva Mametz

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