Level-up your european initiatives

Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation is a “pôle de compétitivité”, an innovation cluster breaking together:

  • Start-ups and Companies (both agri-food chains operators and solution providers) 
  • Major players in venture capital and private equity for the ecological transition
  • Public and private research institutions, education centers
  • Local authorities and stakeholders in economic development

Our missions and objectives

  • Maintain and improve competitiveness through innovation

  • Facilitate meetings between companies, research organisations and education centers

  • Foster the emergence of innovative ideas

  • Support the implementation of collaborative innovation projects

  • Affirm and qualify projects and innovative companies throught labelling processes

  • Facilitate access to public and private fundings

  • Create value and employment 

Want your European initiatives to succeed?

Need tools and sectorial expertise, use cases and stakeholders to get on board?
Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation is your partner!

Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation is an innovation hub whose members are committed to the growth of ecology-smart agrifood chains.

We can bring our sectorial expertise to your initiatives on a wide range of assignments:

  • Innovation scouting and mapping
  • Ideation and engagement of ecosystems
    Communication and dissemination
  • Business development and facilitation
  • Resources, tools and methods (open innovation management, financial support to third Parties)

Our team is fully involved in European projects. Horizon Europe, Clustering, Inter-regional and other international initiatives are all within our scope.

Registered as a Digital Innovation Hub and holder of the Gold Label – Cluster management Excellence

From farm to fork, in order to foster ecology-smart agri-food chains : agroecology and biosolutions ; digital solutions and robotics ; agroindustrial processes and territorial food systems.

Active member of European networks such as Plant InterCluster and S3 platforms (Smart Sensors for Agri-food ; Traceability and Big Data)

Recently we have built and coordinated


Launched in 2022, AURORA is a European project coordinated by the cluster Valorial and closely developed with Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, Food Valley (Netherland), Unimos Alliance


After a six-month sprint, DIVAx has successfully fostered trans-national collaborations for innovative project ideas in Digital Agriculture. The journey began with the European Day of