After a six-month sprint, DIVAx has successfully fostered trans-national collaborations for innovative project ideas in Digital Agriculture. The journey began with the European Day of Digital Agriculture, leading to the creation of the EU Innovation Factory, a platform aiding companies to develop transnational innovative projects. The first promotion supported five companies, Earth Daily Agro (FR), […]


BiosolutioNA is a regional biocontrol and biosolutions program. This project was initiated by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and is led by Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation with the support of its partners Innov’in and Xylofutur. The objectives of the Cluster are to bring together members involved in the production, formulation, marketing and consulting of biocontrol and/or biosolutions  as […]


Solnovo is a multi-partner research-action program of the Southwest of France designed to support transitions towards soil-regenerating agriculture over a 5-year period, and to demonstrate their benefits at national and European level. Soil Regenerative Agriculture (RA) is a powerful lever for preserving agricultural soils while mitigating and adapting to climate change. The initiative aims to […]


Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation is partner with the Occitanum programme supported by the Occitanie region. The aim of this initiative is to carry out full-scale experiments with all actors (research, development, companies, farmers, citizens) on the contribution of digital technologies to strengthening agro-ecology, providing access to local, sustainable food for all, improving farmers’ incomes and promoting […]

AgRobotics Land

AgRoboticsLand, an initiative of Sicoval and Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, welcomes a rich community of French players in agricultural robotics of south-east Toulouse. The aim is to bring together all the players in agricultural robotics in south-east Toulouse on a single platform. Led by Sicoval – the agglomeration community to the south-east of Toulouse – with […]

Diva : Boosting innovative Digitech Value chains for Agrofood, forestry and environment

Developed within the European Horizon 2020 program, the DIVA initiative has led to support and finance the deployment of digital innovations in the agri-food, environment, and forestry sectors. Created and coordinated by Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, together with 9 highly motivated partners, the project started in 2018 and ended in 2021 In DIVA, two open calls […]