Agro y Aigua

Launched in 2020, Agro&Aigua is an initiative led by Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation with the Catalan Water Partnership, BiolB and the Agricultural Cooperation, and with the financial support of the Pyrénées-Méditerranée Euroregion. The Agro&Aigua initiative aimed to develop networking and knowledge-sharing between France and Spain on the questions of water management in agriculture or in the food industry. Agro y Aigua ended with 10 topics of innovation for the year 2022. Still very topical today!

  1. Design and deploy multi-scale water monitoring systems at regional level,
  2. Incentivise new agriculture practices, such as regenerative agriculture, in favour of soil retention in soil,
  3. Deploy groundwater recharge pilot sites,
  4. Encourage the creation of small-scale hillside reservoirs for temporary water storage,
  5. Monitor water quality with continuous monitoring,
  6. Prevent the development of invasive species in irrigation networks,
  7. Deploy water reuse demonstrators for industrial situations not yet covered,
  8. Develop an integrated food-energy-water approach on a local and territorial scale, using LCA,
  9. Pursue the digital transformation of water management systems to achieve precise control and save water and energy,
  10. Use irrigation systems to position biocontrol and biosolutions.

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