Proposal for a transnational strategy to promote the development of integrated solutions to meet the needs of sustainable, intelligent and digital agriculture. Coordinated implementation of intelligent specialisation strategies such as sustainable water management and agriculture for healthy and sustainable food. Highlighting the issues of a smart and resilient agricultural sector, taking greater account of the environment and climate, and supporting the sector’s digital transition.

  • Project duration: 2,5 years (2024-2026) 
  • Total budget: 2 769 385.31 €
  • EU Financing rate: 75% 


The overall objective is to promote to promote joint responses to the challenges facing agriculture in the SUDOE region, through the implementation of intelligent specialisation strategies, for a more sustainable and intelligent agricultural sector. Implementing solutions aimed at accelerating the digital transition of agriculture towards a more resilient agricultural sector, adapted to climatic hazards, optimised and more economical in the consumption of water resources. The project will develop a transnational strategy to encourage the development, provision and dissemination of digital solutions by promoting action on the various levers needed to create the necessary capacities among the key players in the agricultural value chain and in innovation.

The specific objectives are :

  • To Develop a transnational strategy that promotes the development, provision and dissemination of integrated solutions to meet the needs of sustainable, smart and digital agriculture in application of the regional S3 priorities.
  • To implement jointly prepared pilot actions and demonstration projects to test and evaluate effective solutions and measures for the transition to sustainable, intelligent and digital agriculture, and creating the requisite capacities among the key players in the agricultural value chain and in innovation.

Smart irrigation

Sigital solutions

Water management

Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation will:

  • be responsible for the elaboration of a territorial diagnosis in each project regions
  • have to organise 2 open innovation forum in France and a virtual forum.


  • 9 partners        
  • 9 regions           
  • 3 Countries 


  1. Open Innovation Forum, France – 2025
  2. Virtual forum, On line – 2026


Emma Egea
Montpellier, FR

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