Proposal for a transnational strategy to promote the development of integrated solutions to meet the needs of sustainable, intelligent and digital agriculture. Coordinated implementation of intelligent specialisation strategies such as sustainable water management and agriculture for healthy and sustainable food. Highlighting the issues of a smart and resilient agricultural sector, taking greater account of the […]


AGRIPOWER project aims to enhance the value of agrivoltaic systems by monitoring agricultural and livestock variables and their influence on energy production, and to harness their potential to meet the challenge of the energy transition and the viability of agriculture. Objectives The overall objective is to develop and improve research and innovation capabilities and the […]


Solnovo is a multi-partner research-action program of the Southwest of France designed to support transitions towards soil-regenerating agriculture over a 5-year period, and to demonstrate their benefits at national and European level. Soil Regenerative Agriculture (RA) is a powerful lever for preserving agricultural soils while mitigating and adapting to climate change. The initiative aims to […]