The BioINSouth project aims to support decision-makers to incorporate considerations of ecological limits into their regional bioeconomy strategies and roadmaps, when it comes to circular bio-based activities. Objectives The project aims to develop guidelines and digital tools, considering the safe and sustainable by design (SSbD) assessment framework, to support the adoption of innovative methodologies to […]


An all-in-one service to accelerate the digitisation of businesses. As the single point of entry for businesses in the Occitanie region, EDIH OccitanIA supports SMEs in the health, mobility, agriculture and agri-food sectors in their digital transformation, helping them to become more competitive. Objectives The overall objective is to create a unique entry-point for companies, […]


Proposal for a transnational strategy to promote the development of integrated solutions to meet the needs of sustainable, intelligent and digital agriculture. Coordinated implementation of intelligent specialisation strategies such as sustainable water management and agriculture for healthy and sustainable food. Highlighting the issues of a smart and resilient agricultural sector, taking greater account of the […]


AGRIPOWER project aims to enhance the value of agrivoltaic systems by monitoring agricultural and livestock variables and their influence on energy production, and to harness their potential to meet the challenge of the energy transition and the viability of agriculture. Objectives The overall objective is to develop and improve research and innovation capabilities and the […]


As a concrete response to this challenge, the Circular Economy and Sustainable solutions for Agrifood in the Mediterranean (CESAM) project presented below aims to contribute through SMEs investment to the new European path towards a circular economy model and the 2030 Agenda targets by contributing to scale up innovative agrifood value chains. To this effect, […]


Dihnamic is a hub of innovation, training and technology transfer players in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, offering businesses, particularly SMEs, a range of services designed to facilitate access to a range of artificial intelligence-based technologies to accelerate and guide the digital and ecological transitions in industry. Objectives The services offered aim to encourage the emergence of […]


After a six-month sprint, DIVAx has successfully fostered trans-national collaborations for innovative project ideas in Digital Agriculture. The journey began with the European Day of Digital Agriculture, leading to the creation of the EU Innovation Factory, a platform aiding companies to develop transnational innovative projects. The first promotion supported five companies, Earth Daily Agro (FR), […]


HighFive is a European project from the Inter-regional Innovation Investment scheme (I3), co-financed by the European Commission. The project is designed to support the green and digital transition of food companies.   Objectives The overall objective is to foster, enable and facilitate SME targeted and interregional investment actions to implement or bring to the market innovative […]


BiosolutioNA is a regional biocontrol and biosolutions program. This project was initiated by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and is led by Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation with the support of its partners Innov’in and Xylofutur. The objectives of the Cluster are to bring together members involved in the production, formulation, marketing and consulting of biocontrol and/or biosolutions  as […]


Solnovo is a multi-partner research-action program of the Southwest of France designed to support transitions towards soil-regenerating agriculture over a 5-year period, and to demonstrate their benefits at national and European level. Soil Regenerative Agriculture (RA) is a powerful lever for preserving agricultural soils while mitigating and adapting to climate change. The initiative aims to […]