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  • Area (ha): 80 000 ha
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The Heart of French Corn Production

Nouvelle-Aquitaine, located in the southwestern part of France, is the leading region for corn cultivation in the country. It dedicates over 500,000 hectares to corn, accounting for nearly 30% of the national total. Its robust corn cultivation industry results from its advantageous geographical location and suitable climate conditions, combined with its history of agrarian activity. As such, Nouvelle-Aquitaine produces millions of tons of corn annually, reinforcing the significance of the region to the French and European agricultural markets.

On the other hand, Occitanie, stretching from the Mediterranean to the Pyrenees, makes substantial contributions to France’s corn industry, particularly in popcorn maize production. Despite having less cultivated land compared to Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Occitanie has optimized its agricultural sector to maximize yield and quality. With its strategic focus on sustainable farming and organic production, the region has become a model for corn production, embodying both economic success and environmental responsibility.