Fruits and

Robust and diverse
fruit and vegetable production


  • Area (ha): 80 000 ha
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Fruit and Vegetable Production, a Diversified Excellence

Occitanie and Nouvelle-Aquitaine are pivotal players in France’s fruit and vegetable sector. Occitanie, the second-largest orchard in France, yields over a million tons of fruits and vegetables annually, including renowned apples, peaches, and tomatoes. The regional industry contributes a substantial €880 million to export turnover, demonstrating its pivotal role in the nation’s agricultural landscape.

In contrast, Nouvelle-Aquitaine showcases the diversity of its produce, from dominating plum, hazelnut, and kiwi production to ranking high in walnut, chestnut, and apple cultivation. Its fruit cultivation covers over 20% of the national land designated for this purpose. The industry provides employment to 10,400 personnel, representing 0.6% of the region’s salaried workforce, underlining the significance of the sector. Both regions, with their unique strengths, form the backbone of France’s agri-food sector.