The BioINSouth project aims to support decision-makers to incorporate considerations of ecological limits into their regional bioeconomy strategies and roadmaps, when it comes to circular bio-based activities. Objectives The project aims to develop guidelines and digital tools, considering the safe and sustainable by design (SSbD) assessment framework, to support the adoption of innovative methodologies to […]


As a concrete response to this challenge, the Circular Economy and Sustainable solutions for Agrifood in the Mediterranean (CESAM) project presented below aims to contribute through SMEs investment to the new European path towards a circular economy model and the 2030 Agenda targets by contributing to scale up innovative agrifood value chains. To this effect, […]


HighFive is a European project from the Inter-regional Innovation Investment scheme (I3), co-financed by the European Commission. The project is designed to support the green and digital transition of food companies.   Objectives The overall objective is to foster, enable and facilitate SME targeted and interregional investment actions to implement or bring to the market innovative […]

Food Log Proximity

The Food Log Proximity initiative, funded within Smart Agri Hub, aims to provide concrete solutions to logistics management issues encountered by local food producers, nowadays. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted, more than before, the importance and the attachment of the French people have towards local food, particularly in the Occitanie Region. However, this unprecedented situation […]


AURORA, launched in 2022, is a European initiative led by Valorial, partnering with Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, Food Valley, Unimos Alliance, and OnTech Innovation. It focuses on fostering innovation in food quality, safety, and authenticity across regions. AURORA aims to drive innovation by connecting agri-food industries with digitech and cleantech providers to create safe, healthy, and […]