High Five

HighFive is a European project from the Inter-regional Innovation Investment scheme (I3), co-financed by the European Commission. The overall objective is to support SMEs from the food processing industry in their green and digital transition by means of inter-regional investments. Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation is partner of this project coordinated by the Belgium cluster Flander’s Food. […]

Food Log Proximity

The Food Log Proximity initiative, funded within Smart Agri Hub, aims to provide concrete solutions to logistics management issues encountered by local food producers, nowadays. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted, more than before, the importance and the attachment of the French people have towards local food, particularly in the Occitanie Region. However, this unprecedented situation […]


Launched in 2022, AURORA is a European project coordinated by the cluster Valorial and closely developed with Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, Food Valley (Netherland), Unimos Alliance (Poland) and OnTech Innovation (Spain). With a strong regional base, AURORA’s aim is to impulse and trigger innovative initiatives around the themes of food quality, safety and authenticity. Thanks to […]