Our Excellence in AgTech Topics

Digital agriculture and robotics

Today, digital agriculture and agricultural robotics are helping to meet a number of socio-economic and environmental challenges with the aim of moving towards responsible agriculture. Data acquisition (soil, air and water), data processing and the deployment of innovative solutions, thanks in particular to artificial intelligence, helps to improve agricultural yields, the physical health of workers and better preserve the surrounding natural resources. 

Committed to supporting farmers in their digital transition

Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation is committed to supporting farmers in their digital transition by making available a wide network of key players in the region. The cluster maintains close links with public institutions (chambers of agriculture), research centers (CNRS, INRAE), agricultural cooperatives (Maïsadour) and companies working from farm to fork. We also organize events on these subjects: webinars, j-tech, presence at agricultural trade shows like SIMA, the Paris International Agribusiness Trade show. 

Last but not least we participate in the launch of several initiatives such as AgRobotics Land, Occitanum and Solnovo. 

Our main initiatives


AgRoboticsLand, an initiative of Sicoval and Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, welcomes a rich community of French players in agricultural robotics of south-east Toulouse. The aim is to bring together all the players in agricultural robotics in south-east Toulouse on a single platform. Led by Sicoval – the agglomeration community to the south-east of Toulouse – with the support of Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation – an agricultural and agro-industrial competitiveness cluster – this area, at the heart of France’s leading agri-food region, is « the place to be » for the growth of agricultural robotics.


Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation is partner of the Occitanum programme supported by the Occitanie region. The aim of this initiative is to carry out full-scale experiments with all actors (research, development, companies, farmers, citizens) on the contribution of digital technologies to strengthen agroecology, providing access to local, sustainable food for all, improving farmersincomes and promoting regional economic development. Exemplary agriculture, feeding France’s 1st local