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Safe and sustainable food systems

Against a backdrop of global population growth, climate change and ever-changing consumer habits, Europe is investing in the development of new sustainable, safe, resilient and environmentally-friendly food systems. The France 2030 program invests in innovation and supports the different stakeholders in their agro-ecological and food transition, with the aim of guaranteeing food sovereignty while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Food 2030 is a European research and innovation policy aimed at facilitating the transition to more resilient, safe and sustainable EU food systems by 2030, espacially under Horizon Europe, timeline and publications. 

A Panoramic View of the Agri-food Value Chain

The Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation network represents all stakeholders in the food value chain, from farm to fork. The cluster is involved in initiatives for healthier, more sustainable food through projects such as AURORA and HIGHFIVE. Among our members, we have notably engaged cooperative like Maisadour representing more than 8000 farmers from different sectors. There are also industrialists in food processing, the packaging industry and equipment design. Finally, there are also major research laboratories and technical centers such as INRAE, working notably on the relationship between food and health. 

Our main initiatives


Launched in 2022, AURORA is a European project coordinated by the cluster Valorial (France) and closely developed with Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, Food Valley (The Netherlands), Unimos Alliance (Poland) and OnTech Innovation (Spain).

AURORA aims to impulse and trigger innovative initiatives around the themes of food quality, safety and authenticity. Thanks to the creation of a strategic partnership, AURORA’s clusters propose to drive and catalyze innovation along the entire value chain. 


HighFive is a European project from the Inter-regional Innovation Investment scheme (I3), co-financed by the European Commission. The overall objective is to support SMEs from the food processing industry in their green and digital transition by means of inter-regional investments. Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation is partner of this project coordinated by the Belgium cluster Flander’s Food. The consortium represents 39 NUTS-2 regions from 9 EU countries with the common goal to improve the food value chains for a more sustainable and resilient Europe.

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